Out of my comfort zone

Thinking how spoiled I’ve been till I left my comfort zone. I always took a cab to/from dt only for $5. I often had my food delivered at home. Now I set a money-saving mode on and realized there’s a huge difference between can’t and don’t. I’m trying not to take a cab unless it’s super needed like when I have too heavy baggage to carry along. I walked half an hour to get to downtown last night and came back home on foot too. I could’ve taken a cab but did not cuz I need to save up and didn’t want me to get used to it. But tbh it wasn’t easy to have self-control at not taking a cab. Too fucking tempting…

Moving out

I’m officially moving out of my old place in Daegu tmrw and leaving for Melbourne, Australia this Friday. It’s sad indeed to say goodbye to my dear dainty place which has all of my early 20s and mid 20s history. But I’m ready to step onto a new chapter in my life and the first destination for it. I’m going to stay in Australia for a year and probably head to Canada after. My door is going to be open as always wherever I am.