What’s your opinion about this interesting tweet?

Last Sunday, the President Moon was on air in the evening giving a speech. And one journalist’s tweet made lots of people furious. Here’s the tweet below.

(Translation offered below.)


“He said that he would revise the current tight work environment so that people can enjoy their quality time with their family in the evening. But you gave an official speech on a Sunday in the EVENING then We, journalists and TV reporters, can’t enjoy what you want us to do.”

A lot of people got furious saying things like “But you’re working at a TV network. Also you guys’ channel broadcasts News 24 hours everyday. Then how the f**k can you make it if you don’t work in the evening?”, “That means, you can’t take a subway at night, you can’t buy stuff at CVS at night, and you can’t have dinner at restaurant at night either.”

I think it’s a very difficult topic to make a comment on. Obviously working at night doesn’t guarantee your quality time with family in the evening. So working overtime is a bad idea. It really is. But if none of us works at night, that’s also bad. So I think a few people at special fields need to work overtime with extra money but the thing is Define who the “A few” are. Very tricky to answer.

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